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Usage in Vue components ​

After installing vue-apollo in your app, all your components can now use Apollo through the apollo special option.

apollo options ​

To declare apollo queries in your Vue component, add the apollo object in the component options:

new Vue({
  apollo: {
    // Apollo specific options

In a .vue file:

  <div>My component</div>

export default {
  apollo: {
    // Vue-Apollo options here

Special options ​

In the apollo option, there are special options that begin with $ in the apollo object.

Learn more about those special options in the Special options section.

$apollo ​

All the components under the one which has the apolloProvider option have an $apollo helper available. This is the glue between your component and Apollo and it does all the heavy lifting for you (including automatic updates and teardowns).

You can access the apollo-client instances with this.$apollo.provider.defaultClient or this.$apollo.provider.clients.<key> (for Multiple clients) in all your vue components.

If you are curious, see $apollo API.

Released under the MIT License.