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Introduction ​

This library integrates apollo in your Vue components with declarative queries.

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Compatibility ​

  • Vue 3
  • Apollo Client 3

Note: @vue/apollo-composable supports Vue 2 thanks to Vue Demi.

Sponsors ​

Become a sponsor ​

Is your company using vue-apollo or vue-cli-plugin-apollo to build awesome apps? Join the other sponsors and add your logo on this documentation! Supporting me on GitHub allows me to work less for a job and to work more on Free Open Source Software such as vue-apollo! Thank you!

What is GraphQL? ​

GraphQL is a specification that aims at easing the communication between frontends and backends. It mainly consists of a Schema Language for the server and a Query Language for the client.

What is Apollo? ​

Apollo is a set of tools and community effort to help you use GraphQL in your apps. It's well known for its client and its server.

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icon Devfest Summit Example (with lots of features like SSR, OAuth, Realtime updates, Apollo Engine...)

Released under the MIT License.